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Whole Again

Troske Family

At 8 weeks old, Megan – the littlest member of the Troske family – suffered an accidental fall and was rushed to HCMC. The bleeding in her brain required emergency surgery and treatment in our Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). For Megan’s parents, Mark and Kim, and big sister Katie, “The PICU was a home away from home to us, and the PICU staff like an extended family. When we think of HCMC we think of the amazing people who used both medicine and compassion to save Megan and make our family whole again. You can put a price tag on a prescription or a ventilator, but we valued beyond measure the gentle touches, the nicknames, and the sweet whispers the HCMC staff brought to Megan’s bedside.” Today Megan is a sweet and spirited 11 month old who is meeting her developmental milestones and showing few signs of the trauma she had endured. And while she may be this family’s littlest member, she fills a large part of their heart.

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