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CAY Jasmine Sidibe Photo


I Don't Hate the Doctor Anymore

"Before I came to HCMC, I always hated going to the doctor," said Yasmine Sidibe, a patient and volunteer. When she injured her hand and came to HCMC for the first time, she found a place where she felt at home. Her friends even joke that she should move in! "My providers take the time to make me feel comfortable, answer my questions, and make sure I understand the treatment plan.” Her positive experiences as a patient inspired Yasmine to volunteer at HCMC. She remembers one burn patient with whom she spent extra time because his family lived out state: "He was my rock star. I told him that I was his #1 groupie. His nurse told me she hadn’t seen him smile like that before." Volunteering has always been in Yasmine’s heart, and she is happy to be able to fully express her passion at HCMC where she says there is a "culture of helping."

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