Between Us Initiative

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Between Us, formerly known as Henne-Teen, was created by the Aquí Para Tí (APT) / Here for You program to promote and advocate for teen-friendly and accessible services across HCMC so that all teen patients and their families feel comfortable seeking care in our organization.

Aquí Para Tí (APT) / Here for You is a clinic-based youth development program to serve Latino youth and their families is partially funded by the Eliminating Health Disparities Initiative of the Minnesota Department of Health.

What does Between Us do?

Between Us brings together different groups of HCMC professionals to support parents and teens:


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  • Supports workshops on how best to parent your teen
  • Offers a website for parents of teens
  • Provides teen-friendly clinic visits for adolescents and their families


  • Offers free, confidential pregnancy tests, family planning, sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment
  • The Between Us website shows how to make an appointment and offers recommendations for other web resources on sexual health.
  • Is staffed by nurse clinic coordinators to help you thrive
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The Between Us program is available at the following HCMC Clinics: