Music with a Mission

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Music with a Mission is an opportunity to enjoy the musical talents of HCMC staff, while supporting the organization through donations at the door or in the tip jar. Two bands consistently play in the metro area: the HC/MC Band and the New Prescriptions. Join in the fun while enhancing the patient and family experience at HCMC. When the music ends, the mission begins.


Music with a Mission HCMC Band Logo

The HC/MC Band was established in 2010 by Don Jacobs and Sheila Moroney for a cafeteria event. After sending an email to HCMC and HFA employees soliciting interest, the first band practices were held in the basement of Don Jacob’s home. In the ensuing eight years, the HCMC Band has been fortunate to find many new colleagues interested in making music to support programs important to the mission of HCMC.

Type of music played

Classic Rock and Current Hits

List of band members

  • Jim Eisenrich—Drums
  • Charles Esler—Drums
  • Don Jacobs—Lead and rhythm guitar
  • Bill Jepson—Keyboard
  • Jenny Kelley—Vocals, accordion and percussion
  • Rick Odland—Bass
  • Mike Pattison—Lead guitar and vocals
  • Dean Tsukayama—Guitar and vocals
  • Jennifer Vongroven—Guitar and vocals

The New Prescriptions

Music with a Mission The New Prescriptions Band Logo

After discovering their mutual appreciation for James Taylor and Carole King tunes, HC/MC Band members Mark Linzer and Jenny Kelley formed The New Prescriptions in 2012 to support Music with a Mission.

Type of music played

Soft pop, folk, blues and jazz from the 60’s to today’s contemporary alternative folk/rock hits.

Founders Mark Linzer and Jenny Kelley attract a rotating group of performers that include:

  • Maddie Calhoun—Vocals
  • Dominic Cudd—Vocals and horn
  • Tom Klemond—Guitar and vocals
  • Christian McGuire—Bass and vocals
  • Rick Riddle—Harmonica
  • Dean Tsukayama—Guitar and vocals
  • Karin Vaccaro—Guitar and vocals