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Addiction Medicine Program

914 South 8th Street
Minneapolis, MN, 55404
Shapiro Building, Suite 1.400

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6AM - 2:30PM M-F, 7:30AM - 10:30AM Sat



To refer a patient, please fax referral information or Rule 25 Assessment to 612-904-4278 and direct the patient to call our intake coordinator at 612-873-5566.

In 2015, HCMC Addiction Medicine Program provided medication-assisted substance use disorder treatment to 815 patients. This included 86,620 clinic visits and 202,041 patient days of treatment. The population served is predominately opioid dependent patients funded by the Consolidated Chemical Dependency Treatment Fund and Medical Assistance prepaid medical plans. Patients participating in the program are at much lower risk of hospitalization and incarceration than are comparable patients who do not receive medication-assisted therapy. They are also much more likely to be employed and actively engaged in family and social responsibilities. The HCMC program is highly regarded in the community for its comprehensive care and emphasis on working with complex patients that have multiple medical and psychiatric issues.


  • Methadone Maintenance Treatment for Opioid Dependence
  • Alcohol Dependence Treatment with Antabuse® or other medications

Additional patient services

In addition to medication, all patients receive case management, addiction treatment and education, individual counseling, group therapy, drug and alcohol screens, and are eligible for other integrated treatment services, such as access to a weekly psychiatric clinic and pregnant women assistance.

  • Medication Assisted Therapy
  • Individual Counseling Sessions
  • Support and Educational Groups
  • Mental-Health Interventions
  • Pregnant Women’s Care Coordination
    This program has extensive experience working with chemically dependent pregnant and post-partum patients. In addition to chemical dependency treatment activities mentioned above, the program also emphasizes close coordination of OB/GYN services, parenting education, adherence with pre-natal care, and involvement of the patient's family and appropriate community agencies. Patients may elect to receive prenatal, delivery and postpartum care through the HCMC High-risk OB Clinic.
  • Psychiatric services
    The program provides onsite psychiatric services. Services offered include an initial psychiatric assessment, the prescribing of psychiatric medications, medication checks, and psychotherapy. Other psychiatric services (neuropsychiatric testing, behavioral therapy, etc.) are arranged by referral or through a close working relationship with the patient's mental health provider.
  • Hmong Cross-Cultural Services
  • Rule 25 Assessments

Out of Scope

Please note that we do not provide the following services:

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